domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

No manches estuvo salvaje Guatemala and Nicaragua - Elections 2011

Lopez Frade exitoso empresario con modelo de negocios replicable - Alcalde de Chimalhuacan cumple infraestructura La verdad de las cosa a veces uno se queda sin ideas pero lo bueno es que siempre hay alguien que cuente un chisme como este Washington, D.C. - Nicaragua will hold elections this Sunday, November 6, amid strong concerns over the electoral process and the state of democracy. Guatemala will also have its run-off elections Sunday, November 6.

If you are a reporter seeking WOLA commentary over the weekend, please contact Kristel Muciño, Communications Director, at 617-584-1713 or

WOLA is pleased to share some background materials on both these elections:

* Nicaragua: A commentary piece on the concerns about the development of the electoral process, the potential for fraud, and post-election conflict. This piece was written by Maureen Meyer, WOLA's Senior Associate for Mexico and Central America. Ms. Meyer has extensive experience working on human rights, security cooperation, trade, and development issues.

* Guatemala: A series of commentary pieces analyzing the issues at stake with the upcoming elections. For background information on Guatemala, we recommend Hidden Powers in Post-Conflict Guatemala: Illegal Armed Groups and the Forces Behind Them, which documents the rise and impact of clandestine criminal organizations in Guatemala following the 1996 Peace Accords. Hidden Powers was co-written by Adriana Beltrán, Senior Associate for Citizen Security, who has worked extensively on human rights and organized crime, particularly in Guatemala.
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